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Eliza is 2


On this blog, I don’t often wax poetic about my family. On Twitter and over on Brand New World, sure, but I usually keep this area for stuff about some aspect of my life outside of my wonderful wife and amazing daughter…professional, if you will. But today, Eliza turns two, and I thought I should pause for just a moment and just make sure that everyone knows:

IMG_8842 She is fucking awesome.

I hope that someday she’ll be able to look at the things that I’ve written and the photos I’ve taken and that she can feel even some of the love that I have for her. She’s my monkey, that daughter of mine, and she gets more amazing every day.

Daddy loves you, Eliza Rhea.

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A nice visit from Nana, Pop, Aunt Jenna, and cousin Parker today. Eliza slept most of the time and when she wasn’t asleep, she was eating. But Nana got to help give her a bath, and that was quite fun. Nana is like a sedative for the babies. She touches them, and they’re out. Too bad she can’t be here at midnight.

In other news, my first week of school went pretty well. I still have a hard time focusing, though. When I’m away from her, I think about her. I miss her. I wonder how things are going. It’ll get easier, won’t it?

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Eliza’s big day out

We had to take Eliza out today: to Chattanooga for a follow-up OB visit for me, a visit to the lactation consultant, a trip to the UTC library to be shown off to Jason’s co-workers, and a visit to the hospital to see Jason’s sister Jenna, who just gave birth to an 8-pound baby boy (Parker) on Dec. 19th…only four days after Eliza! She was a dream…slept really well in the car for the hour to Chattanooga and back. Slept all the way through my doctor visit. She has even gained some weight, which is great news! She’s now 5 lbs, 12 oz…still a tiny little thing.

Today was a good day. We are all tired. Dad is taking a nap. Mom is catching up on emails and Eliza is resting quietly in her Moses basket (thanks, Trav and Samantha!!!!!).

Digital Culture

Collaborative Genealogy

Web 2.0 has now brought us a collaborative genealogy site in It popped up in my search today, and I thought I’d take a look.

Geni example

That’s the interface screen, which begins with you signing up for the site. Doing so begins your tree, and allows you to branch off by clicking the yellow arrows for different relationships (up for parent, down for child, sideways for spouse or sibling). The bit of brilliance is that the field for names includes email, and the recipient can automatically sign up and become part of your tree. It’s a combination of viral and collaborative, and a brilliant way to do genealogy.

There’s also a “background” profile where you can give more info, contact information, etc, so that anyone in your tree can contact you. You can also add photos to your profile, so the entire thing can become a sort of name prompt for those family reunions.

Problems? Well, some families are a lot more complicated than this. My biggest complaint, and I can’t honestly believe they did this, is that the sideways arrow doesn’t prompt for “spouse”, it reads the sex of the selected person and prompts for “husband” or “wife”. Sexism ahoy! They should really change the prompt to Spouse, and allow a radio button for the sex of the spouse. As well, for complex child relationships, it kind of falls apart…step-children aren’t part of the tree either.

The technology and concept is amazing, and if they tweak a few interface issues, I think this is a huge Web 2.0 winner in the making. It’s a social network limited to your family, and a collaborative content creation system all in one. They need to add abilities to export the data, or import from existing genealogy services and much more detailed noted fields (not up front in the tree, just behind the scenes) this might become a huge draw. The best thing they could do is publish an API, and allow for other tools to leverage the information…imagine being able to crawl the tree with an API and generate other bits of info from it.

All in all, a great Beta product, but needs work before hitting the bigtime.

Digital Culture

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone…it’s been an interesting year thus far (both good and bad) and as we head towards 2007, here’s hoping that everyone is healthy and happy.



Dale Hollow

Today I’m off to Dale Hollow Lake with the family for a little vacation. We were there in 2003, and it was a ton of fun and very relaxing. I’m hoping for more of the same! More on the website redesign, templating, and such to come.