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Eliza is 2


On this blog, I don’t often wax poetic about my family. On Twitter and over on Brand New World, sure, but I usually keep this area for stuff about some aspect of my life outside of my wonderful wife and amazing daughter…professional, if you will. But today, Eliza turns two, and I thought I should pause for just a moment and just make sure that everyone knows:

IMG_8842 She is fucking awesome.

I hope that someday she’ll be able to look at the things that I’ve written and the photos I’ve taken and that she can feel even some of the love that I have for her. She’s my monkey, that daughter of mine, and she gets more amazing every day.

Daddy loves you, Eliza Rhea.

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Seven months!

Today is Eliza’s “birthday” and she is another month older. She can’t crawl yet, but she works on it every day. She loves to stand while holding onto furniture or one of us. And she is pulling up a little bit, particularly from our laps. Can’t quite do it all the way from the floor yet.

She’s becoming a little person with clear emotions and desires. When she’s happy, she laughs with her whole body and smiles so big it looks like it might hurt. She yells when she’s angry or frustrated at not getting what she wants. She even flirts now, and hugs, and waves “hi.” A little afraid of strangers, sometimes she cries when people get too close. But she knows her mommy and daddy and lights up when we come into view. She’s working really hard on language right now, and has mastered “ba ba ba ba” and “ma ma ma ma” and sometimes manages a “ga” here and there. Still no “da,” much to her dad’s dismay.

What new skills and changes will this month bring??

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Oh hai!


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I’m four months old today!

I also just had my 4 month checkup, and I’m 14 pounds, 5 ounces and 25 inches tall! 75% for both, so I’m nice and proportionate.