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Eliza’s big day out

We had to take Eliza out today: to Chattanooga for a follow-up OB visit for me, a visit to the lactation consultant, a trip to the UTC library to be shown off to Jason’s co-workers, and a visit to the hospital to see Jason’s sister Jenna, who just gave birth to an 8-pound baby boy (Parker) on Dec. 19th…only four days after Eliza! She was a dream…slept really well in the car for the hour to Chattanooga and back. Slept all the way through my doctor visit. She has even gained some weight, which is great news! She’s now 5 lbs, 12 oz…still a tiny little thing.

Today was a good day. We are all tired. Dad is taking a nap. Mom is catching up on emails and Eliza is resting quietly in her Moses basket (thanks, Trav and Samantha!!!!!).

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