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Mommy update

Just to let everyone know I’m okay! Really tired, of course, but hanging in there. I’m getting used to feeding her almost constantly and snatching naps when I can. I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday when all the news from the pediatrician seemed negative: her weight was down too much, her bilirubin levels too high. But today was much better…she had gained an ounce! Now she is 5 pounds 8 ounces, which seems impossibly small for something that came out of me.

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So glad to hear you’re doing well! Pediatrician news can be frightening, especially when they’re so little and losing weight. Once they start gaining, though, there’s generally no going back, so it sounds like she’s well on her way. Keep hanging in there and sleep whenever you can!

Could we get a photo of Eliza with an object of reference? Perhaps a ruler, or something else of standard size? I can’t believe she’s so tiny!!! Feed these words back to me in a couple of months. 🙂

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