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A nice visit from Nana, Pop, Aunt Jenna, and cousin Parker today. Eliza slept most of the time and when she wasn’t asleep, she was eating. But Nana got to help give her a bath, and that was quite fun. Nana is like a sedative for the babies. She touches them, and they’re out. Too bad she can’t be here at midnight.

In other news, my first week of school went pretty well. I still have a hard time focusing, though. When I’m away from her, I think about her. I miss her. I wonder how things are going. It’ll get easier, won’t it?

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Yes, it most certainly will get easier. But I do remember exactly how it felt to go back to work. It was tough in both cases. All in all it sounds like you, Jason and Eliza are actually doing fabulously well. Hang in there. 🙂 Va.

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