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Natalie Portman throws down on SNL

Is SNL getting funny again? Cause this is awesome with a side of fries. Potentially NSFW, depending on how uptight your workplace is. 🙂

Interesting…the above now gives a “removed due to copyright infringement” notice. Is NBC crazy? Seriously? Let me get this straight: they (NBC/SNL) get money, from advertisers, to broadcast SNL. These advertisers pay SNL/NBC a given amount for airtime to shill thier products, and this airtime is charged for depending on how many people watch SNL. More people watch when they think it’s funny….and this is FREE ADVERTISING FOR THE FUNNY.

Truly, deeply insane. Plus, it’s already up under another name:

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Wow, these “SNL Digital Shorts” keep getting funnier. That was was even better than the Narnia one…

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