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You Look Nice Today

If you aren’t listening to YLNT, you’re missing some of the funniest stuff on the web. Their brand of humor is in the John Hodgman dry-and-absurd style. I hadn’t realized that they were now doing videos! Here’s an example of their humor…I love this stuff.

“The Noises Rest” from lonelysandwich on Vimeo.


George Carlin

Resquiat in Pace, George. The world was better for you being in it.

If I have to tell you this is NSFW, you don’t know much about George Carlin.

Brand_New_World Equipment jason

Wish we were in Japan

…so that I could order a few of these.


To celebrate the birth of a baby in a way that makes it feel like the kid’s right there in your arms, a rice shop in the southwestern Japanese city of Kita-Kyushu will send out a customized dakigokochi, a roughly baby-shaped bag of high-grade rice to everyone on your birth announcement list. The bag will be printed with the kid’s picture, stats, and a greeting–and it will weigh the same as the kid did at birth.

One of the million reasons that I love Japanese culture. Wish I had a rice bag o’ Eliza!

Library Issues

I cannot tell a lie…

It’s true, I know everyone has been wondering.


I am the Annoyed Librarian.

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Haiku for Libraryman

Oh, Libraryman
your humor amuses me
please don’t ever change

Ok, so it’s not the best haiku ever. But I had to find some form of poetry to express my love for Libraryman’s recent short film. Oh, Gorman, how I’ve missed you! And Michael, I so owe you a drink at Internet Librarian for this…

Digital Culture


I have officially just found the use for Twitter:


Lead us, Stephen!

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Looking for a book

9AM Tell Me What You Think a ‘Book’ Is

Patron: Ummm, I’m looking for a book.
Librarian: Okay, well, do you know what it’s called?
Patron: No.
Librarian: Do you know who wrote it?
Patron: No.
Librarian: Are you just hoping that we have some sort of book?
Patron: Yeah.
Librarian: You know you’re in a fuckin’ library, right?

Austin Public Library
Austin, Texas

from Overheard at the Office

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9 ways we’ll know that Heroes has jumped the shark

I am absolutely addicted to the new NBC show Heroes. It has everything I want in a serial TV show…good characters, interesting unknowns, and superpowers!

But, in looking to the future, I thought I’d capture for posterity 9 ways that we’ll know that Heroes has jumped the shark.

1. Claire decides that it would be better if everyone has matching uniforms that say “Team Heroes!” on them.

2. It is discovered that the “evolutionary leap” isn’t limited to just humans, and they are joined by Sparky the Dog (power: runs at supersonic speeds and leave a trail of sparks in his wake) and Mongo the Super Intelligent Spider Monkey.

3. Ando wakes up in The Matrix.

4. Horn-Rimmed-Glasses wakes up one morning, rolls over to discover Suzanne Pleshette, and declares that he just had the oddest dream…

5. We discover that all of the Heroes are actually aliens, sent by a galactic invasion team.

6. Pete and Mysterious Black Man end up in the same room, and the whole universe explodes from the interaction of their powers.

7. Claire and Pete continue their verbal flirtation, making it completely aware to everyone around them that they want each other. Then they give in to temptation.

8. Hiro spends an entire episode running towards Radioactive Guy, all the while screaming “KENADAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” He never gets any closer.

9. It is revealed that the “evolutionary leap” will happen to everyone on Earth soon, and as we know, when everyone is special, it just means no one is.

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One reason to vote republican

republican sticker

After a comment from a friend, I’ve decided to throw this up on Cafepress and see if anyone else thinks it’s as funny as I do. I suppose it’s one good reason to vote republican…head off and buy one! I’ll donate 10% of any proceeds to an appropriate charity (ACLU? EFF? Leave a comment if you have a suggestion as to the best charity).

I’m just hoping this doesn’t devolve into a flame-fest in the comments…I don’t think anyone reading this is particularly conservative, but you never know.

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Library 2.0 Generator

Really funny stuff from Dave Pattern: the Library 2.0 Idea Generator!