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More on Religious? Litigious?

Parody is protected

Just a quick follow up…if you’re following this story, here’s the happenings over the last 24 hours:

  • Get thee over to and Digg the story to help get the word out.
  • I get a mention over at Writing Right, and there’s a little discussion going on in her comments.
  • Fantastic writeup of the case over at The Angry Fag.
  • Yet another post in support of Justin over at Smart Kitty.
  • And of course, comments and such both here and at Justinsomnia.

3 replies on “More on Religious? Litigious?”

Haha, that dolt who mentioned you Griffey thinks you actually want people to be gay because you made a parody of a parody just to mess with people. These super religious types need to lighten up. It’s sad what they’ll believe.

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