Digital Culture

Irony writ large

So my previous post linked to a digital short done for SNL by the comedy group that calls themselves Lonely Island. Said short was on YouTube for a short period of time before being yanked for copyright reasons.

The group that produced it was hired by SNL recently, and their hire was at least partially influenced by their popularity online.

A popularity that grew because they licensed their comedy shorts with a Creative Commons license, allowing people to share their work freely.

Which NBC is no longer allowing.

Even though the Lonely Island guys own homepage links to copyright infringing pages of the material they produced for SNL.


Ha! So NBC has their own stream up of the rap. Except: the quality is terrible, it’s WMV, which means windows only, you can’t blog it like you can the YouTube vids….jesus christ on a pogo stick these media types just do not get it.

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