ALA presentation

Presentations from ALA Midwinter 2016

Back in January, I did a few presentations at the ALA Midwinter conference. Two of them were recorded and I’ve finally tracked down the recordings and got them ready to post here. I only have slides for one, but hopefully someone finds the recordings useful.

ALA Master Series
Jason Griffey & Measuring the Future

LITA Top Technology Trends – ALA Midwinter 2016

The two trends that I talk about are the Blockchain and it’s potential for decentralization of the web, and the confluence of AI/Machine Learning and autonomous agents as interface for data.

The video below is a great presentation about Blockchain and its potential, by one of my compatriots at the Berkman Center, Primavera De Filippi.


Off to Boston – ALA Midwinter 2010

I leave tomorrow for Boston and ALA Midwinter 2010. Got a pretty busy schedule, but I’m trying to make time for things like LITA Happy Hour and a few other social outings, but mostly I’ll be in meetings.

Fun, fun meetings.

Say hi if you see me!