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Eliza profile: seventeen months

Eating icecream, originally uploaded by griffey.

She is almost a year and a half old! To celebrate, and because she has been feeling terrible with a fever and sinus infection, we took her to a local ice cream place. She insisted on eating it all by herself, like a big girl.

Favorite foods: Ketchup. Asks for it at almost every meal and will dip absolutely anything into it. Ice cream (vanilla). Pizza. Applesauce (more for spoon practice than for filling her belly). Peanut butter.

Favorite music: Still completely obsessed with the Laurie Berkner band, as featured on Jack’s Big Music Show. She also now loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Clean it up (Laurie Berkner), as well as some songs she has apparently invented or learned elsewhere.

Favorite toys: Anything like an action figure, especially her family dolls from Melissa & Doug and her Elmo and Ernie figurines; magnets; water table with shovels, scoops, and sponges; books (see below); Foofa doll (from the Noggin show Yo Gabba Gabba); gel window clings

Favorite hobbies: Singing, talking, dancing, marching, stomping, wiggling, throwing, tickling, scooping, digging, climbing stairs, climbing into and out of chairs, taking baths and “swimming” in the tub.

Favorite books: “Flip a Face” book called Colors; Froggy Green; Fifteen Animals (Sandra Boynton); anything with Elmo or Zoe from Sesame Street

Dislikes: Too much sun. Getting too hot. Sitting still in her high chair to eat breakfast. Someone trying to help her do something she insists she can do by herself (“Eliza do it!!”).

What she knows and can do is scary sometimes. She now recognizes and says most colors (and tells us her favorite is pink), several shapes, and quite a few letters, and can count to ten. She can accomplish just about anything with phrases like “See it.” “Hold it.” “Do it.” and “Want some.” The other day she looked at her piece of toast and told me, “Cut it,” because she wanted it in triangles.

Her social understanding is also amazing lately. She is great at saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome,” unprompted. We’re working on “please,” which she will say when told to do so, but not on her own yet. Is now telling people to be careful, like when we’re carrying her down the stairs (“Careful, Daddy.”). And she checks on everyone’s well being: “Happy, Mommy?” “Happy, Daddy?” “How doing?” “Where Nanny go?”

Eliza the baby, I think, is all but gone. Eliza is now our little girl. And that’s pretty special.

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Eliza Profile: Sixteen Months

Originally uploaded by griffey

Favorite hobbies: Climbing, especially stairs. Dancing. Trying to jump. Basically, she’s learning lots of physical things right now. One of her favorite pastimes is wrestling with Daddy.

Favorite foods: Fish, sweet potatoes, bread, yogurt, cheese, tortillas (she calls them “tias”), freeze-dried fruits, toast with peanut butter.

Favorite toys: All her Elmos. Daddy’s Guitar Hero drum set. Mardi Gras doubloons and beads. Plastic eggs. Puzzles.

Favorite books: Her first Dolly Parton Imagination Library book, the Little Engine That Could. Hop on Pop. Birthday Monsters. Apple Farmer Annie. Carnival.

She’s basically becoming a toddler, and learning to assert herself. She will now ask for books by name, request specific bedtime friends (“Elmo! Elmo! No, Bunny!”), and foods. She can basically ask for anything inside the house at this point…she asks for things, and to do things (“Outside!” or “Up!” to go upstairs). She’s learning that she can effect the world with her voice, which is both awesome and scary as hell.

She’s also becoming far more cuddly. She will actively seek hugs, and insists on getting kisses in the morning when Daddy gets her up. The normal wake up kisses go something like “Blankie! *kiss* Baby! *kiss* Eliza! *kiss*”. We taught her that she can pat the dog and cats to show them love, and now she pats everything and everyone to show that she likes it: the phone, a book, Mommy…doesn’t matter. “Pat, pat, pat.”

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Eliza profile: fifteen months!

Favorite hobby: talking, talking, and more talking! She now says 2 and 3 word sentences on a regular basis. The funniest so far? When a program we were watching on the TiVo got to the end and stopped, she said “Daddy fix it”! If she can’t reach something she wants she now says “Mommy get it.” She’s becoming quite the bossy little thing. She can also name all of her daycare classmates and tells everyone (and everything, including her breakfast and the dog) “Morning!” when she wakes up.

Other favorite hobbies: Sitting. A relatively new skill, she tries to turn everything into a “seat” (another favorite word): her toy piano, a basket full of books, the stairs, anything. Also likes drawing and “writing,” putting stickers on paper, playing with Play Doh, taking things out of the refrigerator, organizing bottles of shampoo and lotion in the bathroom, dancing.

Favorite foods: #1 by far is her “wogurt” (yogurt), which she would eat five times a day if we let her. Also loves pumpkin butter on bread, any kind of cheese, pizza, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Has recently figured out how to dip foods, so she’s into ketchup and marinara sauce.

Favorite toys: Everything is a toy at this point. Loves her bubble machine from Uncle Kevin, sidewalk chalk, balls, stuffed Elmo’s (she inherited a bunch from mommy), and shape sorter.

Favorite books: Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop, which she can now request by name at bedtime and does so often. Also loves his Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? And still loves the Matthew Van Fleet books, especially Cats and Dogs.

Favorite media: We do let her watch TV, but only three shows: Yo Gabba Gabba (her favorite), Jack’s Big Music Show, and Sesame Street. She also still loves music, particularly Laurie Berkner and yes, the Elvis Costello phase continues.

She’s a fun little monkey with a great sense of humor. Life with Eliza is certainly never boring!

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Eliza profile: fourteen months!

Hobbies: pretending to feed people, pets, stuffed animals, dolls, even pictures of people in books; pretending to cook; playing on playgrounds; looking at books and magazines; pretending to write; putting stickers on paper; learning new words; looking at photos of people she knows; talking to Pop and Nana on the phone

Favorite toys: bowl/spoon combo; pens, pencils, crayons; shape sorter; Little People school bus; anything she’s not supposed to play with (like mommy’s underwear and the toilet scrubbing brush)

Favorite books: her newest one by Matthew Van Fleet (Cats); any book that has Elmo in it; any book with animals

Favorite foods: cheese of any kind; yogurt; bananas; chicken noodle soup; mandarin oranges

Favorite music: she is currently in an Elvis Costello phrase and demands to hear the song “Radio Radio” at least once a day; also enjoys anything by Laurie Berkner (from Jack’s Big Music Show on Noggin)

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Eliza’s profile – Age: 19 weeks

IMG_2811.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

  • Nicknames: Ellie, Ellie Bean, Ellie Belle, Elzebub, Stinky, Stinkerbell, Monkey, Cutie Pie, Snugglebug (Titi’s special name for her)
  • Favorite color: safety yellow
  • Favorite songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Who Are You (The Who); I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones); Delilah (Plain White T’s)
  • Favorite bands: The Ramones, The Beatles, Counting Crows, The Who
  • Favorite toys: Lamaze panda; Taggie elephant; Jittery Pals cow
  • Favorite books: Brown Bear, Brown Bear (Eric Carle); Baby in a Buggy (Monica Wellington); Tails (Matthew Van Fleet)
  • Hobbies: Rolling over; pulling Dad’s beard; playing with Mom’s hands; working out in the baby gym; chewing on her fist; practicing standing up; practicing sitting up