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Eliza profile: fifteen months!

Favorite hobby: talking, talking, and more talking! She now says 2 and 3 word sentences on a regular basis. The funniest so far? When a program we were watching on the TiVo got to the end and stopped, she said “Daddy fix it”! If she can’t reach something she wants she now says “Mommy get it.” She’s becoming quite the bossy little thing. She can also name all of her daycare classmates and tells everyone (and everything, including her breakfast and the dog) “Morning!” when she wakes up.

Other favorite hobbies: Sitting. A relatively new skill, she tries to turn everything into a “seat” (another favorite word): her toy piano, a basket full of books, the stairs, anything. Also likes drawing and “writing,” putting stickers on paper, playing with Play Doh, taking things out of the refrigerator, organizing bottles of shampoo and lotion in the bathroom, dancing.

Favorite foods: #1 by far is her “wogurt” (yogurt), which she would eat five times a day if we let her. Also loves pumpkin butter on bread, any kind of cheese, pizza, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Has recently figured out how to dip foods, so she’s into ketchup and marinara sauce.

Favorite toys: Everything is a toy at this point. Loves her bubble machine from Uncle Kevin, sidewalk chalk, balls, stuffed Elmo’s (she inherited a bunch from mommy), and shape sorter.

Favorite books: Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop, which she can now request by name at bedtime and does so often. Also loves his Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? And still loves the Matthew Van Fleet books, especially Cats and Dogs.

Favorite media: We do let her watch TV, but only three shows: Yo Gabba Gabba (her favorite), Jack’s Big Music Show, and Sesame Street. She also still loves music, particularly Laurie Berkner and yes, the Elvis Costello phase continues.

She’s a fun little monkey with a great sense of humor. Life with Eliza is certainly never boring!

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