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Eliza Profile: Sixteen Months

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Favorite hobbies: Climbing, especially stairs. Dancing. Trying to jump. Basically, she’s learning lots of physical things right now. One of her favorite pastimes is wrestling with Daddy.

Favorite foods: Fish, sweet potatoes, bread, yogurt, cheese, tortillas (she calls them “tias”), freeze-dried fruits, toast with peanut butter.

Favorite toys: All her Elmos. Daddy’s Guitar Hero drum set. Mardi Gras doubloons and beads. Plastic eggs. Puzzles.

Favorite books: Her first Dolly Parton Imagination Library book, the Little Engine That Could. Hop on Pop. Birthday Monsters. Apple Farmer Annie. Carnival.

She’s basically becoming a toddler, and learning to assert herself. She will now ask for books by name, request specific bedtime friends (“Elmo! Elmo! No, Bunny!”), and foods. She can basically ask for anything inside the house at this point…she asks for things, and to do things (“Outside!” or “Up!” to go upstairs). She’s learning that she can effect the world with her voice, which is both awesome and scary as hell.

She’s also becoming far more cuddly. She will actively seek hugs, and insists on getting kisses in the morning when Daddy gets her up. The normal wake up kisses go something like “Blankie! *kiss* Baby! *kiss* Eliza! *kiss*”. We taught her that she can pat the dog and cats to show them love, and now she pats everything and everyone to show that she likes it: the phone, a book, Mommy…doesn’t matter. “Pat, pat, pat.”