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OMG, it’s December

So yeah, that little ticker on the right says less than 20 days to go. YIKES!

Had third and final baby shower today, got lots of great stuff off our registries and other wonderful goodies. Lots of books, which was fantastic. She hasn’t even been born and already she has a good library. Makes sense, given her who her parents are!

We’re pretty much “ready” for the big day: bags packed and in the car at all times, car seat in (although I need to have it checked this week), diapers, wipes, bottles, crib with a sheet and mattress pad on it, her laundry washed. Jason has put her swing together. Now we just need to put batteries in everything (like the monitors). And of course, it would be nice if I could get my exams and papers graded before she decides to arrive!

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Why I’m freaking out

  • Eliza’s room is a total mess. Gifts in the floor. Nothing organized. Don’t even know what’s in there.
  • Need to wash all her clothes and sheets.
  • Need to finish packing my hospital bag.
  • Have a 20-page article to write before December 15. Barely started.
  • Mountains of papers to grade. Students begging to get them back.
  • Paperwork to fill out…tons and tons of paperwork.
  • Exams to write, classes to prepare, should think about next semester’s syllabi.
  • The house is a total disaster zone. Toilet and shower need scrubbing, floors need swept, dirty laundry everywhere…
  • Things we still need to buy…or do we?
  • 5 weeks to go. That’s it. Maybe less. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brand_New_World pregnancy

Pregnant fun

Friday I had to do a three-hour glucose test, which involved four needles and fasting overnight. It was relatively painless, though. I’m anxious to get the results tomorrow.

My other health issue is pelvic pain, which is apparently caused by the hormone relaxin. Some women get it, some don’t. I happen to be one of the lucky ones, I guess. It is all worth it, though. And I can’t complain: my first two trimesters were relatively easy.

Brand_New_World pregnancy

Me and my Big Mouth

So, yesterday asked my doctor if it was truly okay that I only passed my glucose test by 1 point. Then, I casually mentioned that diabetes runs in my family (brother, several aunts, cousins). That made her decide that we should do the three hour test “just in case.” So, in two weeks, I have to do a three-hour glucose test, which involves fasting overnight and four needles (which I hate). At first I was horribly depressed about this decision. But the more I think about it, the more I think “better safe than sorry.” It really is a problem in my family, and I’ve gained quite a bit of weight in this pregnancy, so I just want to be sure. Anything I have to do to keep little Eliza safe is okay by me. I can take it.

Brand_New_World pregnancy

Our little kicker

Eliza is jumping around so much tonight that you can see my belly move. A foot? An elbow? A hand? It’s hard to tell at this point. I’m not sure how she’s positioned, but it’s pretty weird to see her nearly coming out of my skin. You can’t come out through the belly button, I keep telling her.

I’m on a “no refined sugar diet,” mandated by my doc, since I only passed my glucose test by 1 lousy point. Too bad sweets are the only things I’ve ever craved during this pregnancy (today I want a King Don, aka Ding Dong!). So far, so good, though. I’m mainly eating veggies, fruits, whole grains, and of course lots of protein, and actually enjoying drinking milk (which I normally don’t do). Two and a half more months without sugar!!!!!! But it’ll all be worth it.

29 weeks, 4 days pg

Brand_New_World pregnancy

Feelin’ good

So far, so good on the pregnancy. I’m in the third trimester now, getting bigger by the minute, but still have a decent amount of energy. I’m a mixture of excited and nervous in anticipation of Eliza’s arrival. I can’t wait to meet her, to see her, to know her. But of course, going into labor and being in the hospital scare me to death! I feel her kicking constantly now…she’s quite the active one. The doctor says she is a bit advanced in that respect, since she’s still quite little to be such a kicker. That’s our girl!