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The sling rules

So I started “wearing” Eliza yesterday in a sling and she really loved it. She fell asleep in there, all snug, while I took the ornaments off the Christmas tree. It looks uncomfortable to see her all squished up in there, but I guess it feels like being in the womb. I’m going to try and use it for a little while very day to get her used to it. That way, hopefully I can take her with me to some meetings and such, and she’ll be content to lie against my tummy. I’m lucky I have a job and work in a department where bringing my baby is okay (at least, once in a while). My department chair has even joked about getting a pack n’ play for her office. đŸ™‚

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We’re quickly learning what the essentials are for little Eliza: burp cloths (cloth diapers work best), size NB diapers (we like Pampers Swaddlers), lots of wipes, formula, bottles, sleep sacks, and a hat that fits. We’ve already gone through one of the gigantic packs of diapers and two boxes of wipes, and this is only day 11. She also seems to like white noise, and we’ve been using a fan for this. Jason quickly got sick of the “nature sounds” of one of her crib toys coming through the monitor at night! And she’s so tiny, only Newborn size clothes fit her right now, and even they are a little big on her. Pacifiers seem not to interest her, because she prefers her fingers. She doesn’t like to be swaddled, because she likes to have her arms and hands out.

This is such an interesting process. . . every day we learn a little more about our little girl.

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OMG, it’s December

So yeah, that little ticker on the right says less than 20 days to go. YIKES!

Had third and final baby shower today, got lots of great stuff off our registries and other wonderful goodies. Lots of books, which was fantastic. She hasn’t even been born and already she has a good library. Makes sense, given her who her parents are!

We’re pretty much “ready” for the big day: bags packed and in the car at all times, car seat in (although I need to have it checked this week), diapers, wipes, bottles, crib with a sheet and mattress pad on it, her laundry washed. Jason has put her swing together. Now we just need to put batteries in everything (like the monitors). And of course, it would be nice if I could get my exams and papers graded before she decides to arrive!