Brand_New_World pregnancy Work

Why I’m freaking out

  • Eliza’s room is a total mess. Gifts in the floor. Nothing organized. Don’t even know what’s in there.
  • Need to wash all her clothes and sheets.
  • Need to finish packing my hospital bag.
  • Have a 20-page article to write before December 15. Barely started.
  • Mountains of papers to grade. Students begging to get them back.
  • Paperwork to fill out…tons and tons of paperwork.
  • Exams to write, classes to prepare, should think about next semester’s syllabi.
  • The house is a total disaster zone. Toilet and shower need scrubbing, floors need swept, dirty laundry everywhere…
  • Things we still need to buy…or do we?
  • 5 weeks to go. That’s it. Maybe less. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!