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A week between posts

It’s been a week since I last got up the gumption to post here, mostly due to the ongoing issues with WP2.1. I’m a HUGE WordPress fan, and have been using it for this very blog since 1.3 or so. The additions to 2.1, for the most part, are welcome and needed, especially the auto-save feature. But it required far too much of my time figuring out how to get my links back into shape (they killed certain php calls in the code), and I still haven’t gotten my byline happy.

The byline on my site was being ran by having a random named link called from the links function of WP…things like “where no one notices the contrast of white on white” and “it’s the one that says Bad Motherfucker on it” were randomly inserted below my title. But now, because they’ve broken the title_li php function in their code, I can’t surpress the “Byline” heading of the category when I try and place the links there.

In all, it’s been very frustrating.

But, good things are coming. I’m on the way (tomorrow!) to Vegas, Baby!, for a much-needed vacation. So expect some pics and stories (well…some stories). Also, I’m working on an interesting analysis of the first foray into Podcasting by myself and my buds over at LITABlog…some cool stuff there as well.

Library Issues

Seattle, ALA MidWinter 2007


I’m in the pacific Northwest, at the ALA Midwinter meeting! Had a good conference so far, but yesterday the jet lag got to me. It’s only two hours, but it’s the two hours that made me wake up at 5am, and wouldn’t let me go back to sleep.

Took some great shots of the city yesterday, and of Pike St. Market (you know, the famous one where they throw the fish around). Here’s a few of my favorites:





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LITA Forum

One more conference! This time around, in my backyard (mostly): Netville in Nashville, the 2006 LITA Forum. I’ll be speaking on Saturday about libraries and wikis, and trying to give my spin on when they are useful, and when they aren’t. If anyone is attending, I’d love to meet you.

I’ll be blogging some of the conference over at LITA Blog, and some here. So check both if you’re interested.

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Wow…I’m a little late to the party, but this has such potential I thought I needed to blog it. Casey Bisson has done some amazing integration work to combine his OPAC with a WordPress blog. I’m still playing with features, but it seems like an amazing tool for refining search. Plus, it’s just a mind-freakingly difficult thing to pull off…most OPAC’s don’t play well with others. I’m completely impressed that it even works…this is like convincing Microsoft Word to integrate with iTunes. Huge props to Corey for making this work.

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So much stuff

I’ve just returned after a complete whirlwind of a week. I spent 5 days in New Orleans at ALA, then drove to Columbus, OH for the Origins game fair, the second largest gaming convention in the country. So much stuff to talk about, but I’m completely exhausted. So instead of writing, you all get: My Week In Pictures!

kgs taking a photocafe du monde aftermath

Michelle Boule and Paul StarkeSuchi and Jean at the swank Google Party

Neil Gaiman @ ALAapproaching cincy


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Headin’ down to New Orleans…


As of tomorrow morning, I’ll be on my way to the Big Easy for the American Library Association conference. For those attending, if you see me, say “hi!” and make sure and attend the Monday 10:30 LITA Session “Next Step Blogging: Building a professional blog for your library” so that you may heckle me. It’s in the Convention Center Room 342. I’m also going to be out and attending a lot of the blogger shindigs, so I’m sure I’ll run into bunches of you.

I’m planning on blogging as much of the conference as I can, both here and over at LITABLog. There will be text, pictures, and other goodies…Stay tuned!

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They like me! They really like me!

HigherEdBlogCon 2006

I was just notified that I’ve been accepted in the 2006 HigherEd BlogCon!

I’ll be doing a presentation on how we’ve leveraged/are leveraging blogs here at UTC to fulfill some not-so-straightforward information needs. My proposal says:

This presentation will walk through the installation, configuration, and customization of WordPress 2.0, with a discussion of the benefits of the Structured Blogging plugin, an RSS aggregation plugin, how to use PHP inside of WordPress Pages to create dynamic content. All of this will be framed in the context of outreach to patrons and interaction with academic departments, with discussion of what we’ve found useful, potential for integration with the larger University IT system, and a look at future uses of the technology.

Between this, an invitation from LITA to speak on a blog panel at ALA Annual, a presentation at the TLA/SELA Conference in April, and acceptance at the ACRL Immersion program…damn I’m going to have a busy year. But I’m thrilled!