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Wow…I’m a little late to the party, but this has such potential I thought I needed to blog it. Casey Bisson has done some amazing integration work to combine his OPAC with a WordPress blog. I’m still playing with features, but it seems like an amazing tool for refining search. Plus, it’s just a mind-freakingly difficult thing to pull off…most OPAC’s don’t play well with others. I’m completely impressed that it even works…this is like convincing Microsoft Word to integrate with iTunes. Huge props to Corey for making this work.

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Have you had a look at some of the comments people have been leading at the book entries?
Seems they think that they can talk to the authors directly.
Such as :”please send me the characteristics of the test and the price ”
or “fredrick who are u are your storys true?and are u a docter?also wut are u talking about?”

I find that fascinating!

I already send the link to my systems administrator. See what comes of it.

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