Master Feed for CiL2009

So I’ve tried to throw together a “master feed” for cil2009, which includes Twitter searches for both the and #cil009 hashtags, a flickr search for the tag cil2009, a Google Blog search for the same tag, and a Slideshare RSS for both the Computers in Libraries 2009 group and the overall tag. This should be a pretty good summary of the happenings, but if anyone notices something I forgot, leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the Pipe.

The Pipe should be publicly available here, and this should be the RSS feed URL. My suggestion is to go to the Pipe page to find what you want, though, cause there’s a ton of ways you can get the info: as PHP, or even results by email or phone.

The below is an example of the embed for the Pipe. Hope this is useful for someone!