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The Future is Already Here

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting to the librarians at Western Kentucky University during their 2011 kickoff event. When discussing a topic with the Dean, I was told that they were interested in the future of the academic library, technology, and how to manage the changes that are coming. That’s definitely in the sweet spot of my library interests, so I gave it a shot. Below you’ll find a slideshow with accompanying audio of my presentation, along with the Q/A session at the end. The whole thing is about 1.5 hours, but my presentation is just the first hour or so. I’d love to hear what you think, especially if you disagree with any of my points.

Keynote about the future of libraries, change management, and technology over the next 5 years given to Western Kentucky University Libraries, August 24, 2011 by Jason Griffey

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I’ve followed your suggestion and have put Rainbows End on reserve. As usual, your grasp of the details of what’s happen’n’ is excellent. It’s really breathtaking to see/hear all this packed together within a library context. I do miss, however, a clear picture of the gestalt – a vision, if you will – of what the new library’s overall identity will be. Of course, there may be many identities according to each library’s market or mission. But one shift I think is in the offing is a change from a “warehouse” concept to a “clubhouse” concept. Does that seem reasonable to you?

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