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Turtles and chickens and llamas, oh my!

IMG_1030, originally uploaded by griffey.

Eliza got to go to her first “petting zoo” environment this weekend at a local festival. She had absolutely NO fear whatsoever and picked up the turtles with an ease and grace that astounded me. She also had fun stopping the mice on their wheel with just a powerful little touch of her finger and lifting it so they could spin again. She did this over and over.

We also took a hayride, which she thought was funny and fun. Although we were going about 5 miles an hour the whole time, she kept saying “wheeee! wheeeeee!”

And there was live music, which she enjoyed, and a cookout. She had an entire hot dog plus some of mommy’s food. But the best part of all was just seeing her walking all around, very independently. Someone asked us, “Is she a runner? Some kids just see an open space and take off.” Well, I wasn’t sure until Saturday, but yes. She’s a runner.

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