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New TV?

I asked on Twitter, but thought I’d ping the brains of all 3 of the people that read me here. I’m shortly in the market for a new TV, finally upgrading to HDTV after our 37″ Toshiba of a decade or so is losing it’s picture.

So: who’s bought an LCD HDTV in the last few months that they really like, and WHERE did you buy it? I’ve gotten two recommendations for the Vizio 42″ LCD, but so far I’ve only found it for sale at one place online, Target. Love to find it somewhere with free shipping…

So: What TV do you have that you love, and where did you procure it? Under $1000, please, and 40-42 inch or so LCD. 1080p preferred, but 720 acceptable if there’s a cost/savings analysis there that makes sense.

3 replies on “New TV?”

We bought a 40″ Sony Bravia S this past summer and have been pretty happy with it. I’m not a huge fan of Sony, but the S-series is pretty reasonably priced and has a decent feature set.

When we were looking the Toshiba Regza LCDs looked like good options, as did JVC. I was originally looking at Vizio and the like, but was never impressed with them in person.

We bought a 40″ Samsung for Christmas this year and have been pretty pleased. It’s particularly gorgeous if you’re hooking into a computer with an HDMI cable.

We were going off the Consumer Reports ratings for the LN40A550, but we ended up going with the 530 after noting we could get it for $999 with minimal drop in picture quality. (The 550’s probably $3-400 more expensive). Sorry to say that we went to Best Buy for ours, but you could probably find the same thing for a similar price elsewhere. Good luck!

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