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Oh, the decisions

iPod TouchiPod Classic

Oh, the humanity.

So Apple launches a completely new swath of iPods yesterday. I, like most of us, drooled over the iPhone when it was released, but now we have the choice between the iPhone (8GB, $399) or the Touch (16GB, $399). Confounding that choice is the still-mind-boggling 160GB iPod Classic. 160GB.

The Touch is clearly the technological marvel of the group…wifi, safari, touchscreen allows for infinitely variable UI upgrades…but with the classic, for the first time I could actually carry all my music in my pocket. That’s pretty nuts. But the screen on the Touch is really marvelous.

So what say you all? Touch or Classic? At some point my old 40GB 4th gen (over 3 years and still kicking) will give out, and I’ll need a replacement.

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for you? I’d say wait and get the 2nd generation Touch. You’ve gotta have the screen, dude.

for me, it’s all about the nano: finally, video capability on the budget model, and my music library still hasn’t topped 4GB anyway (I know, I’m terminally lame). Now, if only I hadn’t had to replace the clutch on my car last month. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been this close to buying an iPod….

Unless you’re going out to buy one today, don’t even worry yourself over the decision. By the time your old iPod either gives out or becomes too outdated for your needs, there will likely be something even shinier than the current options.

Personally, I’m still thrilled with my first gen 4 GB nano. I have had no need for anything more than that.

Griffey, seriously, what the hell are you going to do with 160 GB? I mean that number is so ridiculous I am not even sure why you would buy it except to say you own it and I am not sure that is a good reason.

Plus, just think of all diapers you could buy instead. 😉 Mwahahaaaaaaa. Sorry Eliza, you have no food because your Daddy had to buy an iPod.

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