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What do I need to know?

I call upon the wisdom of crowds: I will be moving into my new Head of Library Information Technology position in the new year. What information sources must I now attach myself to in order to fully embrace and excel at this job? I’m thinking:

  • Listservs?
  • Conferences?
  • Blogs?
  • Publications?

Lay the world of Info Tech management on me, and tell me where I should be participating and consuming!

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Congratulations, dog!

As a IT veteran now, and having been in “management” myself, let me say that if you find a book called “Let the Geeks Do Their Jobs”, you should read that. That isn’t to say that you can’t get your hands dirty pulling cable or whatever, but if the folks working for you say something is broken, trust their judgment. If you do so, as much as possible, you will get many high-fives and maybe a free slice of pizza.

Other than that, those Ziff-Davis trade rags may not be the best prose, but you can still get some ideas from them and their reviews usually are decent.

archives: archives[@]
Interesting people:
uwebd: uwebd[@]

That should get you started. between those you will have the coverage of just about 60% of lots of interesting things and enough stuff to keep you scared some of the time.

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