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Just to confirm a possible need: I’ve spent all day today trying to gather information on library conferences that might be of interest to me over the next year. This is surprisingly hard to do, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for…google is amazing for search but terrible for browse, which is what I want to do. Entering something like “library conferences” is obviously useless, and I haven’t had any luck finding a good listing of stuff that librarians might be interested in attending. The ALA has a page, but that only lists ALA conferences (naturally). There’s a decent list over at Douglas Hasty’s page from Florida International University, but it only lists the biggies…no love for some of the small national conferences, and certainly nothing on local ones.

So, having found an information need, I seek to fill it. If I were to set up a wiki installation for this purpose, draft some basic organizational rules….would you use it? Would anyone out there help me seed the thing with information and links to the conferences that might otherwise go unnoticed?

Thoughts? I could have a wiki running within the week, I think. Would this help anyone plan the upcoming year’s travels?

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I would note that one of the links on ALA’s page is to a lengthy list of ALA, divisional, state and regional library association, and affiliated association conferences. Still certainly not a complete international list, but a whole lot more than “ALA conferences” in the sense of Annual and Midwinter.

The most comprehensive calendar of upcoming library and information science conferences I have found is at:

It covers international and national events, but seems pretty thorough… P.S. I love the idea of a library conference planner, but I do not know if I could make a commitment at this time to ‘seed’ it. Hope someone else takes up the challenge though!

The need for something like this came up at the ALA’s Web Planning Retreat, at which point I started a Google Calendar for library conferences. That’s about as far as I got with it, though. I like the wiki idea, but I’m a visual person and would much prefer a calendar view. That’s why the ALA list doesn’t work well for me, either.

I’d be happy to try to help with something like that, especially if I can get a data dump of what ALA already has. I could help publicize it, too, as its success would then depend on conference planners continually updating it, rather than any one entity.

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