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ZOMG! I has a n3w j0b!

After a lot (and I mean a LOT…probably far too much) soul searching, I’ve decided to try out a different position here at UTC Lupton Library. I was offered and I have accepted the position of Head of Library Information Technology.

This means a transition out of doing tons of reference and instruction work…but I’m planning on keeping my nose in that realm as much as possible. It’s just too good for tracking what the patrons are actually concerned with to not stay involved. At the same time, I’ll be taking on the huge burden of all tech in the library…all wires, systems, applications, and boxen are to be my purview. I’d be lying if I wasn’t a bit nervous about the whole thing.

The big concern? We use the VTLS library system…and byzantine wouldn’t begin to describe my feelings about ILS’s. Add in that we’re one of less than a dozen academic libraries that use it, and my circle of assistance is pretty low.

The big opportunity? Pretty much everything. Digital repository, ticketing system for patron issues, getting our archives online…tons to keep me busy. I’m really excited about the opportunity.

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Congratulations on the new appointment! I do alot of the computer systems for our library down here in a rural Georgia college and your blog has proved helpful. Thanks.

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