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Valleyschwag #3

Valleyschwag posterMy Valleyschwag showed up late last week, and it was a great one:

Stickers Plaxo shirt

But the best schwag was this:

messenger bag

One of the rockin’ messenger bags! The poster was also a neat surprise, and very well done. Very happy with this month’s schwag…here’s hoping that it keeps up! For anyone who loves the Web 2.0 explosion and is a tech-head, this is a fun once-a-month surprise.

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Dude, when are they going to make a Jason Griffey bobblehead doll for this stuff? I’ve got a “Beer is Food” T-Shirt I can donate.

Cool package. Don’t think I’m techie enough to fork over $15 a month for it, but I’m glad I know someone who is.

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