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A while back I blogged about what to call a certain type of image found often in Internet disscussion boards. Typically containing text and a picture that are humorous or insulting, they often act as a tool with which to comment on the thread.

I didn’t get any responses, really, so I’ve thought a bit more and decided that I’m going to call them “disspics”…this refers to both the fact that they are found on Disscussion boards, and that they often diss or insult.

It’s not great, but I needed something to call this flickr set I put together of them. So I created a flickr group as well, and would love for people to join and add their own discoveries.

3 replies on “Disspics”

It’s interesting that you view these all as “diss pics” because I think there are lots of categories here, some of which aren’t meant to diss. Like I wouldn’t put the parody motivational posters (which I love) with the more directly antagonistic “stfu” type images (which I also love). Ditto pancake bunny.

Maybe there is a greater superclass that they all belong to with some overlap, but I can’t thing of what to call it either.

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