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American Edit

American Edit

Today there is a cyber protest going on in support of Dean Grey, a group of mashup artists that produced the American Edit. American Edit is a mashup album of works with the Green Day album American Idiot.

As I support the ability of artists to reappropriate works in the production of new art, and this work cannot possibly interfere with the sales of the Green Day album, I suggest that everyone take a listen. It’s brilliant stuff.

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although i want to hear it, I can kinda understand why it was pulled. They should just talk to each other and maybe release it together or something

Why is DEAN doing this is so rediculous..>( American Idiot compared to Ameican Edit..whats up with that name its just s!@#$% !!! I think that american idiot should stay the same.. you guys better not cahnge it ,,,,or else people will get very MADDD!!!!

I found this album awesome- I’m one that goes for the mashups.
I also agree that this album would not effect Green Day or Warner Borhter at all, either.

vivian- they’re not talking about CHANGING American Idiot. This album is JUST a spinoff.
“American Edit” is purposely named that way BECAUSE it is spinoff. In other words, Green Day’s American Idiot songs were EDITed.

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