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Griffin has gone off the deep end if they think that they can get away with this one:


iFill streams mp3 files from thousands of free radio stations directly to your iPod. You can choose several stations at once and select from many different genres. And since iFill goes directly to your iPod, it won’t clutter up your hard drive with extra files.

iFill is a great fit for your active lifestyle. With iFill, you can go to bed while charging your iPod, and wake up to an iPod full of new music, ready to go jogging with you, and without having to search through your record collection, browse the iTunes Store, or rip any CDs

Ok…looking over the page, I’m not completely following their logic here. It looks as if they are saying that it doesn’t actually put anything on your hard drive…that it throws the FM directly onto the iPod. That would mean that it could ONLY “record” radio while the iPod is attached, and defeat a large portion of the purpose of time-shifting. For instance, if I want to listen to a specific talk radio show that’s only on from 3pm-4pm, I’ll have my iPod with me, and not connected to my computer.

I’m going to give the week trial a shot, and see how this thing actually works. More after the testing.

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