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So…I’ve decided to try out Google AdWords. You can see them in the left hand column, and I hope that they are not particularly intrusive. This is literally just an experiment, to see if people actually click them, especially on a blog with as low traffic as mine. If they become an issue…off they go!

Plus, if you just want to throw some support my way…click away! 🙂

EDIT: Justin left a comment, but I’m interested in hearing from anyone…what do you think about adwords on blogs? Is advertising the devil? Are there different levels of hell depending on how it’s done? I’m curious what people think/feel about ads on a private (that is, non-directly-commercial) site.

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According to the FAQ, I can ask people to click, just not “through any automated, deceptive, fraudulent or other invalid means, including but not limited to through repeated manual clicks”.

I think my request falls short of any wrongdoing. 🙂

Nah, not the tool of the devil, and I don’t find the left-margin placement annoying. Of course, those of us who normally just read this via Bloglines et al won’t see the ads…

Hmm. Never considered the possibility of AdWords on my own blog…

As I look over to the left, I see two ads for ways to optimize AdWords. Nothing like recursive advertising…

They don’t seem to have effected my traffic as of yet…not that I would have expected them to. The actual click thru rate is, as to be expected, VERY small. I can’t discuss specific $$ amounts due to Google’s license agreement, but suffice it to say that in almost two weeks I haven’t made enough to buy lunch yet.

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