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Quick update

Crazy busy week ahead of me, and it only just started.

Taught my first ENGL 121 class today..the first of what will be dozens, I’m sure. It’s one of our core classes for library instruction. Went ok, if not great. The students didn’t have any clue about topics (which I had hoped they would) and 90% of them had never even been inside the library before (which I had hoped they would). Next time I’ll ratchet my expectations down and it’ll go fine.

If anyone is interested, here’s the slides for my basic library discussion I did with the ENGL 121 class.

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lol. Welcome to teaching undergrads – remember that the most research they’ve probably done so far has been Google and maybe Contemporary Authors for a high school English paper.

I usually had a topic ready and took them into Academic Search Premier or one of the other big, general databases to show them the interface, how it works and how to get full text. It was a big hit.

I like your description of books. Just be careful not to enrage bibliophiles.

Btw, the link to your blog is incorrect in the presentation – you have the directory as /jwp instead of /wp.

If you were online more often I could simply IM you instead of leaving long comments preserved for posterity on your blog. That is all.

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