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New House

We are finally in the new house, and can (mostly) relax a bit. The move was difficult, not because of distance, but because we are both so busy and the details so hard to keep up with. For the first month of trying to buy the house, it was financial stuff….getting stuff together for the mortgage officer, finding the right loan combination, making sure our credit scores were good, checking all the numbers again and again and again. Then came the approval, and we moved into prep mode: changing addresses, updating online accounts (do you have any idea how many online accounts I updated? Amazon, Netflix, online banking, Paypal, Ebay…and a ton I don’t remember yet, probably), changing over utilities (gas, water, electricity, cable, phone) making sure that all of them are done on time, house appraisal, insurance coverage…so much stuff!

That’s not counting the actual packing.

Then we decided that we were going to paint two rooms in the house before we moved things into it. Which gave us more or less 48 hours or so to get in, prep, paint, and let it dry before we started hauling things in. Then this past weekend came the moving…boxes and boxes and boxes of things, furniture, all while trying not to destroy the new paint jobs in the two rooms. And while trying to keep the pets happy.

Lets just say that the last few months have been….stressful.

But now it’s mostly over, and we’re in the new house, and it’s wonderful. The house itself is amazing. I’m just looking forward to the day when we can both come home, sit on the couch, and relax for a bit.

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