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I ask for your patience…I’ve been looking for a 3-column layout that I liked for awhile now, and I’m partial to this Journalized-Blue template. Going to take some work customizing it, but we’ll see how it goes.

EDIT: So…any thoughts? I’m going to be tweaking the colors for a bit, I think…not sure if I want to go back to the brighter orange/crimson look from long ago, or stick with the muted black/blue look I’ve got now. Reasons I changed:

  • I had been manually dealing with my links, and wanted to swap to the native WP link handler.
  • Wanted a mini-blog area where I could do Justin-like Neatlinks.
  • Wanted a better integration of Pages links.
  • 3 Columns gives me more room for experimenting with sidebar tools.
  • Can isolate metablog content, and link content in seperate bars.

Things I’d like: anyone out there know how I can get the content div to automagically size images to fit? Any thoughts on the new look? Better? Worse? Should I go back?

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anyone out there know how I can get the content div to automagically size images to fit?

if you set max-width to a percentage on images inside your posts, they will resize depending on the width of the containing box (not supported in IE). then if you set the left and right margins to “auto” the browser will center the images and the page gets wider.

title/headline not bold enough imho.

i like the sidebar heading style (blue background with black border on gray)–maybe use that for post title or date header?

do you need the permalink “link” link on the index page? essentially that’s the same thing as the comments link, and you get the same effect by clicking on the title.

when the titles turn gray once they’ve been visited, they’re hard to read against the blue. i would keep them white. also, it seems that there is a max-width or something set on the post titles that is keeping them form expanding the whole width of the post (on my 1400px wide screen).

i’d make the title font bigger, maybe match it with the size of the font that says “leave a reply.”

ps. i do like how the post and the comments are joined in the same gray box. i would steal that except that i’d have to rethink where to put my dateline. and that might be a little much for one night.

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