Wanna listen to me ramble for 1 1/2 hours?

Here’s my post from the MTSU IT Conference blog, announcing the audio download of my blog presentation. Listen at your own risk.

I’ve normalized the audio of my blog presentation at MTSU, and uploaded it as an MP3, available here (WARNING: ~ 40 Meg MP3). It’s still too big for an MP3 (the OGG is only 17 megs) but I’m not sure what I should do to optimize it. Couple of quick notes on the audio:

After listening to it again, looks like some of the numbers I came up with were a bit off, and I thought I should correct them here:

  • Actual number of articles in wikipedia: 518000, which turns out to be just about 6 times the amount in Britannica, not 5 as I claimed.
  • Technorati lists, at the time of the presentation, 7.8 million blogs. I rounded up to 8 million during the talk…no harm there, I think.
  • I claimed that there were more than 45 languages represented in the Wikipedia. While technically correct, the number of active languages is over 90.

More corrections if I find them. Also available in Ogg Vorbis, for those that prefer that format.

EDIT: One of the blogs & wikis attendees used the blog that we created during the presentation to take notes on the presentation itself. How very meta!!

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