Betsy made me a phenomenal cake (White Chocolate pound cake) and we’re heading to a lovely dinner tonight at the Lantern. Unfortunately, that’s about it for this week, since the paper is still sitting on my head. Paul wants to see another draft this weekend, so…writing will happen.

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Happy Birthday! Wow – that completely fell off my radar. I hope you have a great day! Enjoy your dinner at Lantern and don’t worry so much about the paper. It’ll get done.

Felicidades!!! If you’re lucky (or unlucky), when you get home I’ll sing the traditional Mexican birthday song, “Las mananitas”! It’s what you wait for all year long! The cake, if I do say so myself, rocks. Happy birthday, J!

Happy Birthday…..sucka’!!!

I’m so good that despite the fact I found out it’s your birthday today, I bought you a present yesterday. I will be bringing it up to tu casa a la noche. (I think I said that right…)

Patrick, you make me giggle. 🙂 You complain about having too much work to do, but dammit, nothing shall get between Patrick and his brew!!!! You go, man. Very admirable.

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