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Mmm…4th generation

Appleinsider just published this story on the possible upcoming 4th generation iPod. Short list of coolness:

  • 5o gig hard drive
  • COLOR screen, with possible MPG or Quicktime capabilities, and the ability to view JPG’s
  • a video jack to connect to TV (not sure why we’d need this, but…)

Tech always gets better/cheaper if you wait, but this may push my technolust into hyperdrive. Color, MPG playback, JPG viewing, and a 5o gig hardrive in the iPod formfactor? Sign me up.

One reply on “Mmm…4th generation”

There is very much a good reason for the color display and the Video output. If you were to research the OLCD [low power consumption] screens you
would realize that it makes sence in the logical progression of the iPod. The biggest feat will be when we have all the following features in one
device. Audio,Video,Navigation,PDA,Phone,PocketPC,WiFi, & iPod 4th Gen features all wrapped up into ONE!!!

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