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The end of Harry Potter

After discussing the book today with some friends on Meebo, I came up with the perfect turn-of-phrase for the collective sadness enveloping all of us who have spent 10 years following these characters. We all suffer from:

Post-Potter Depression

Thanks everybody, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

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New Worldcat search

Check out the new search from OCLC…Worldcat gets Googlized, and the results are pretty good. I absolutely adore the “refine your search” options that it gives you on the left bar…Now can we finally get rid of our local catalogs? Pretty Please?

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Turn it up!

I’ve got a ton of leftover stuff I still want to talk about from ALA Annual. Here’s my favorite vendor sign from the exhibit hall at ALA in New Orleans…

Large Print Audiobooks

Large Print Audiobooks? Do they just talk louder?

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Building on yesterday’s…

…post about D&D, here’s a page from Wizards of the Coast that has a TON of free PDFs of old D&D products. Tons of great reading here, and more adventures than you could shake a vorpal sword at:

Previous Edition Downloads

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Afternoon Adventures With Dungeons & Dragons

Check it out…Wizards of the Coast, the current publishers of the venerable Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game have started a “roleplay in the library” system. Looks like they are using libraries as both publicity and marketing tools, while providing the library with a free copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game. I suppose they also hope that libraries will begin collecting more and more D&D products (the reason that a lot of libraries don’t already collect RPGs is that they walk…fast and often).

Blurb from the website:

The Afternoon Adventure with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS program will include everything librarians need to start regular gaming programs in their library with the original pen-and-paper roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D for short). Players assume the persona of fantasy characters and pursue magical adventures, confronting and solving problems using strategic thinking and teamwork.

For librarians interested:

To receive an Afternoon Adventure kit for your library, please call 1-800-613-3791, or send an e-mail with your name, address, the library you’re from, and how you found out about the program to: One kit per library please and quantities are limited.

As an old-school gamer, I’m all for this. I grew up cutting my teeth on the original D&D boxed editions (how I love thee, red box) and moved on to great games like Star Wars, Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, and my all time fav, Paranoia. Getting more kids into RPGs is a good thing, as far as I can tell. Go librarians!

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The Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

One word:


I’ll not spoil anything for those of you still working your way through it. But in a week or so, I wanna hear what everyone thought, and where you think the story is heading. This one went in all the directions I expected (except one) and I’m interested in what she’s doing with certain characters, and how the whole thing might wrap up.

My verdict: I loved it, but I like all the books. It’s not my favorite of the bunch, but it certainly had its surprising moments, as well as its warm fuzzy ones. Damn spoilers….hurry up, every one, so I can talk about it!


Stranger in a Strange Land

Product Image: Stranger in a Strange Land
My rating: 4 out of 5

One of my all time favorite novels, recently re-read. Heinlein certainly had his problems…his portrayals of women especially should raise a few eyebrows, but the theme of the book is still a powerful one. One of the first pure sci-fi books I was able to convince Betsy to read, and it even won her over.