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New Worldcat search

Check out the new search from OCLC…Worldcat gets Googlized, and the results are pretty good. I absolutely adore the “refine your search” options that it gives you on the left bar…Now can we finally get rid of our local catalogs? Pretty Please?

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The timing of this is perfect. When I came back from Immersion I told everyone about your opinion on Google taking over WorldCat. I got a few looks of horror, but the techier librarians grinned with glee. We spent most of yesterday playing with the search box and debating if we should make our current OPAC a dummy server to store the records. Soon we won’t even need that though.

Hi, Jason!
We met at Immersion (You may remember the heavy luggage as I was checking out. I got myself a rolling suitcase the very next day.). Great photos!
Also, thanks for passing this along. I had searched regular Worldcat yest. and tried the same search in the beta version. The results in this new version were superior. Nicer interface and better results–hard to beat that!

–All my best,

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