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Daddy Play


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I must admit, I didn’t necessarily want to fall into the “daddy” stereotypes, but one where I fall firmly is in the sort of play that Eliza and I enjoy. Lots more physical, more rolling around, flipping, hanging upside down than Bets would ever try.

The good news for me is, of course, she loves it. And is very clear when she’s reached her limit of excitement, and wants to just lay down for a minute.

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Exploring the world

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Eliza is starting to “use” her hands more. If you offer her something, she will grab onto it for a while. Here, she explores the interesting textures of a “Taggies” book, a wonderful gift from our friend Chrysty. It seems like Eliza is changing by the minute. You can almost see her brain working overtime.

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My hands work!


Eliza is learning to bat at things with her hands. She’s not great at it yet, but it’s fun to watch her work at it. Finally, all those things that hang down from all the baby gear are useful!!!

And update on the post-shot trauma: she had a freakout yesterday afternoon, but has been fine today. Last night she slept for her longest stretch to date: from 8:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., then again from 5:30 to almost 10:00. And she has napped throughout the day. I think the vaccinations took a lot out of her.