Again, so very quiet

Very quiet around Pattern Recognition these days, and I apologize. I’m still trying to find the balance between the microblogging I’m doing over on Twitter, and the longer form stuff I’m now writing over at TechSource…not to mention the family-oriented, Eliza-centered writing/photography over at Brand New World. I’ve fractured myself!

So, my goal is now to use Pattern Recognition as something between Twitter and longer-form, at least for now. There’s a lot of stuff percolating, as always, and I’m never quite sure where it will end up. Stay tuned, though. I promise it won’t be quiet forever.


WordPress 2.5

For those that use WordPress, just a note about the upcoming 2.5 release: it rocks on toast. I’ve been using the Release Candidate 1 for WP2.5 for a week or so now, and the improvements in the admin interface are enormous. Better organization, more ajax interaction, just much, much smoother. Every time I’ve gone to do something in the last week I’ve been surprised at the ease.

This isn’t to say that you won’t have to update your plugins, as always…but WP2.5 finally has one-click automagic updating of plugins. This isn’t quite ready for primetime, but it’s very close.

I haven’t dug into the hardcore coding changes yet, but if the things I have noticed are indicative of the things I haven’t yet, I’m really looking forward to this release.