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Antibiotics, round 2

After two nights of coughing and interrupted sleep (for all of us), a slight fever, and a terrific crabby spell that would not go away, we decided to take Eliza to the doctor yesterday. Once again, a little cold had gotten angry, this time turning into a slight ear infection and some upper respiratory junk that could have turned into an infection if we waited any longer. So, we’re on round of augmentin.  Sigh.

In other news, lots of fun developments lately. She’s eating more with her fingers (favorite things right now are toast and mandarin oranges). We discovered that she prefers a straw to the standard sippy cup. And she has started to point! A little thing, but it’s pretty cute. If she’s concentrating, I can ask her questions while we look at books, like “Where’s the dog?” and she’ll point to it. It’s clear she’s starting to understand more. Words we think she definitely knows are: clap (she does it when you tell her to, even if you don’t model it); dog; cat; hi; bye; bath; book; Daddy; Mommy; shoes; teddy bear; in / out (she can now take things out AND put them back in). There may be more. We’re anxious to hear her say her first word. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard her say “Dada” on purpose a few times (when going to him), but you never know.