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IL 2007 Keynote – Lee Ranie

Lee Ranie, Pew Internet Project

Talking about the experience of being blogged…pulled quotes from Writings of the Loud Librarian.

Hallmarks of the New Digital Ecosystem

  1. Complexity of the digital ecosystem in the typical home. Internet to tv to audio system to computer to storage to….
  2. The Internet, esp. broadband, is at the center of the revolution. The most important thing about broadband is that broadband users are creators.
  3. New gadgets allow people to enjoy media, gather information, and be always on, anywhere.
  4. Ordinary citizens have a chance to be publishers, movie makers, song creators, etc. Research is showing that young internet users don’t think of themselves as “blogging”…they are just using X tool.
  5. All of the content creators have an audience. (BN: Long tail)
  6. Americans are customizing their internet experience via 2.0 tools

9 user groups

  • Omnivores – 8% of population: More information gadgets, use voraciously
  • Connectors – 7% of popl. : More females than males
  • Lackluster Veterans – 8% of pop: frequent users, more males,
  • Productivity Enhancers – 8%: 40ish, like how tech helps them DO
  • Mobile Centrics: 10% – Love their cell phone. But not early adopters.
  • Connected but Hassled: 10% – High level of connectivity, cell phone, but they dont like it.
  • Inexperienced experimenters: 8% – Will occasionally take advantage of tech, but will sometimes try something
  • Light but satisfied: 15% – fine with what they have, don’t need any more. Mid 50s. Tech is not central to their lives.
  • Indifferents: 11% – I don’t like this stuff. Proudly disassociated from tech.
  • Off the network: 15% – don’t have cellphone, not on the net, nada.

Lots of interesting numbers, but this is more or less the talk Lee gave at Computers in Libraries. Not a terrible thing (most of the people here hadn’t heard it before), but not a lot of meat in the talk for those who attended CiL.