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3D-printed Drinks

This looks like the sort of thing that you might find at Aviary

PRINT A DRINK combines methods from robotics, life sciences, and design to explore a completely new field of 3D-printing. Rather than building up objects layer by layer, the process uses a high-end KUKA iiwa robot to accurately “inject” microliter-drops of edible liquid into a cocktail. Within a minute, PRINT A DRINK can build up complex 3D structures in a wide range of drinks – creating fascinating augmented cocktails using only natural ingredients.

Source: 3D-printed Drinks

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Eating my way through Vegas

The highlight of our trip to Vegas was, without doubt, the food. Living in Sewanee and being foodies, we don’t often get to have really great food. In Vegas, we had Really. Great. Food.

Case in point:


Betsy and I had Saturday brunch at Bouchon, the Thomas Keller property in Las Vegas. Keller is the chef behind the French Laundry, and is widely regarded as perhaps the best chef in the US. We were not disappointed. (for details on French Laundry, check out the food porn from Justin)

The meal included my Steak and Eggs, both perfectly prepared…simple, and lovely. But it paled in comparison to Betsy’s Croque Madame…an amazing amalgam of brioche, salted ham, cheese, egg, and a sauce that was pure decadence. But the absolute top of the meal was, believe it or not…pommes frites. Yep, french fries…but the most perfect, tasty, crispy yet soft, absolutely perfect fries ever. No joke….these were perfection written in potato.

After the meal, we chose a pastry sampler that included maybe the finest single pastry ever…a pain chocolat that was by turns crunchy and flaky, with a custard and chocolate filling, toasted almonds, powdered sugar, chocolate sauce. Absolutely over the top, and a wonder in flour and sweet.