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OMG a new Aibo!


From The Verge:

The new Aibo is available to pre-order in Japan today and will go on sale on January 11th, 2018; there aren’t any plans yet to release it outside of Sony’s homeland. It costs 198,000 yen, or about $1,700, as well as the monthly subscription — but what price can you put on cloud-powered robot companionship?

Personal Sewanee

Fun in the snow with Indy

Video of Indiana discovering the joys of playing with snowballs.

Master's Paper

Back in Town

So this morning at 6am, I threw Bets on a plane to San Diego. Come back to town, run around like crazy for a day, then throw my wife on a plane.

Sounds like just the time to start thinking about school again. 🙂

So in that vein, I’ve decided to start trying to work out aspects of my Master’s Paper on this blog.

My first idea: to try to tie the economics of Open Information (Creative Commons and such) to Communications Theory and the idea that when you increase the node count (or the number of open information sources) the overall usability of the system increases. It may even be possible to use that theory to determine the “magic number” of sources that will be the critical mass for Open Information to be as useful as traditional copyright. All very theoretical, all very nebulous, and all very much like the stuff I did for years in Philosophy. But interesting (at least to me).