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BIGWIG Showcase 2008 in Library Journal Insider

The BIGWIG Social Software Showcase got a very nice writeup in a recent Library Journal Insider blog post by Josh Hadro. Josh said:

In stark contrast to the LITA Top Tech Trends was the fun and functional chaos of the LITA BIGWIG Social Software Showcase. Though the listeners numbered an order of magnitude fewer, the room hummed with the buzz of their excitement, mounting to a near frenzy following BIGWIG chair Jason Griffey’s introduction when the audience’s attention was released into the wilds of small group discussions. This was the infectious frenzy of mostly librarian associates and assistants genuinely eager to identify new ideas, wrap their brains around the source code, and carry it home with them to bolster their own library’s services. This was a beautiful thing.

Nice! He picked up as well on the difficulty of scaling the Showcase (which we’re talking about already) and the fact that everything we discussed is up online (including the recorded live stream, up on the Showcase page now).

Thanks, Josh, for such a great writeup…glad you enjoyed it.

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BIGWIG Showcase – Video 2.0

My presentation for the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase on what I called Video 2.0, all about the new video sites and how they change media as we know it. The presentation turned out really well…let me know what you guys think.

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Off to ALA Annual

I leave in the morning for ALA Annual 2008, but keep an eye on this space over on the right sidebar. I’m going to stream as much as I can of my Annual trip via Ustream. So bookmark or otherwise check my twitter feed, as I’ll announce my streaming there.

Also, don’t forget to check out the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase 2008. Tons of great content, and lots of interactivity planned…more Ustreaming, plus TWO virtual discussions via Talkshoe. There will be no shortage of virtual participation…come join us!