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Baby gear and gadgets

I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that seems to be needed for Eliza. And that doesn’t include the stuff that I would just like to have…for instance, a videocamera isn’t a necessity for her.

But it might be for me.

I can’t imagine not capturing as much of her life as possible…especially as an infant. Every day is unique, and they change so fast…I can’t imagine yet how quickly, but I know that I want to document the journey with her so that she can have these memories to look over later in her life. Thats one reason that I started this blog. Partially for Bets and I, but also for her. In 5 years, she can come back to these posts and read about our love for her, before she is even here. I think that’s pretty marvelous, and a sort of magical time-travel that she won’t get any other way.

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Welcome to Brand New World, the blog wherein Betsy and Jason explore what it’s like to plan for, have, raise, and generally interact with their new baby girl, Eliza. No guarantees regarding either quality or quantity of writing is expressed or implied, but we thought it might be handy to have a place for us to express ourselves.

Betsy is currently 28 weeks along, due on Dec 19, 2007.

And so here we are.