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Color eInk demonstration from CES 2012

Here’s a look at color eInk, the next generation of the technology currently found in just about every eReader on the market. This particular screen (the eInk Triton display) is good for just over 4000 colors, and certainly isn’t the fastest page-turn we’ve seen…but the display is very, very pretty. Great contrast, sharp lines, and the color really adds a lot to the feel of the thing. Check it out:

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It isn’t nearly as vibrant as an LCD, for obvious reasons. In person, it’s not as colorful as a glossy magazine page, more like a matte/coated magazine page. It looked good…not great, but good. It’s only 4096 colors, and with no backlight and the fact that our eyes are expecting LCD levels of color…I thought it looked good.

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