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Holy cow, Eliza’s three!


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So this photo isn’t great, because in addition to awesome gifts, she also got a sinus infection for her birthday and wasn’t feeling well (Dec. 15th).

But in the tradition of this blog, I wanted to give a quick overview of what Miss Eliza (“Princess Eliza,” if you please) is like at the ripe old age of three.

Likes: playing dress-up, books, made up stories, playing in parks or at the gym, Disney movies of all kinds (even the scary ones), playing games on the iPad, playing with “lovies” (stuffed animals), playing in the dark (no kidding), cooking with mom and dad, role play of any and all kinds, singing, dancing, talking, asking questions.

Dislikes: too much noise, kids who hit/push and other social no-no’s, wearing clothes that she doesn’t deem “fancy” enough, eating breakfast, falling down.

Favorite toys: Calico Critters, anything related to Disney’s Ariel character, Disney figurine sets, baby doll that talks and cries, dress up stuff and jewelry, her billions of stuffed animals, especially her beloved “kitty cat babies.”

Favorite media: changes quite a bit. Right now she prefers long movies over TV shows. Current favorites are The Wizard of Oz, Jungle Book, Emperor’s New Groove (yuck), Nightmare Before Christmas, and Monsters Inc. What can I say…she likes dark things. I think she likes to be scared a little bit. That explains her love of Halloween, too.

Milestones and changes: Can tell stories, narrate in the past, ask complicated questions, use huge words (she LOVES adverbs), and carry on a conversation about anything with anyone. Is finally wanting privacy in the bathroom. Can run like the wind, but still falls down quite a bit. Is managing her anger / frustration so much better these days; she even has invented her own technique for calming down (it’s a visual thing, I can’t really describe it). Can recognize quite a few letters of the alphabet, count up to about 18 or so and do some simple math, knows all colors, most shapes, can tell you where she lives, understands family relationships.

She is absolutely amazing. One of the most observant kids I’ve ever been around, and she simply stuns me with her sense of humor, deep thoughts and questions, and her love of life. She’s so much fun to be around. I can’t wait to see how she keeps growing up!

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