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Must watch, right now

My favorite talk I’ve heard in a long, long time was at the LJ/SLJ Ebook Summit, from Eli Neiberger, about How Ebooks Effect Libraries. He’s recently put the recording and slides up on Youtube in two parts. Every librarians needs to watch these, and take notes…Eli gets the issues, lays them out, and doesn’t pull punches. Love. This. Presentation.

Part One

Part Two

For the record, I haven’t forgotten about my ongoing discussion with Bobbi Newman (and now spreading across the web onto other blogs). I’ve still got lots to say, but I’ve been tied up. Will get the words out ASAP, promise.

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If what Nieberger says is right, there’s a future for the library building, and the library staff, but not the library book. What he’s describing sounds like a community center – a meeting place – to me. The word “library” might as well be dropped. People will always want to gather together in one spot to, let’s say, live the life of the mind. That’s always been the heart of the library as a public institution. Whatever succeeds it should carry on that tradition, for the social, political, and intellectual health of the community.

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